Thursday, February 11, 2010

Problem Solving: Texas Style

The area I park in at work is virtually abandoned when I exit the building around 6:30pm each day. It already kinda freaked me out because at 6:30 it's pitch black outside. However, the other night it REALLY freaked me out because a car with four guys in it drove into the parking lot (a parking lot that was empty but for myself and my car) and watched me enter my car. It was very apparent that the four of them could have easily overtaken me as I tried to enter my car and there would have been no witnesses around to call the police.

I told this story to my co-worker who told me when someone creepy is on the driver side of your car, you're supposed to enter on the passenger side, immediately lock the doors, move into the driver's seat from the passenger's seat, and quickly put the keys in the ignition and drive away.

I was in the middle of pondering if I thought this was a good plan or not when her husband offered the following advice:

"Or you could just get a concealed carry permit and shoot the guys"

Oh Texas.....


  1. Stacey!! Oh my gosh! I just saw a link to your blog from Melinda Lesueur's (We worked at the same middle school together). I am so excited!! Bout ready to take my husband to school (he is in law school right now. Thought of you many a times while he was studying for the LSAT. funny huh.:) Please email me!! When I will get home I will try to catch up on your blog. Until then just know I need/would love an update! Hope all is going well. {P.S. just read why you are reading a book about the human anatomy and it seriously cracked me up.}

  2. Sorry, I guess I was so excited that I forgot to give you my email address.:)

  3. Ok. Last one. I promise. But you were teaching at Fort Herriman!? What? I am SO confused. Do I have the right Stacey Sale who went to BYU law school? You so need to email me:)