Monday, December 14, 2009


Today a 2nd grade girl gave a presentation to the rest of the class about Chanukah. I was really worried about the reaction of the LDS and Catholic kids when the whole "Jewish people don't believe Jesus was the Messiah" thing came up, however, things started out really well.

2nd grade boy: So, if you burn the candles down every night, how do you not run out of candles in eight nights?

2nd grade girl giving presentation: Well...we buy more than eight candles at the store.

2nd grade boy: OOOOHHHHHH


2nd grade girl: Do the candles have to be certain colors?

Girl giving presentation: No, they can be any color you want!

Me (SO GRATEFUL the kids are more focused on candles than Jesus): Okay, any last questions?

2nd grade boy raises his hand

Me: Yes, Randall?

2nd grade boy: The other night my dad and I were reading the Bible, and it says that the Jews were the ones that killed Jesus.

I think it's the first time I've AUDIBLY groaned after a student has said something.

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