Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodbye Utah Pt 1

I went to the UVU dental clinic to get my teeth cleaned and x-rayed for $40. It was an awesome deal AND an awesome reminder about what I will NOT miss about Utah County.

Me: (sits down in dental chair)

Hygienist: So...what do you do?

Me: I'm completing my pre-requisites to go to graduate school. I want to be a physician's assistant.

Dental Hygienist: Oh that's great! Okay, let's have a look here. (I open my mouth) Looks like you have a scar on your forehead, another scar on your chin, a canker sore on the edge of your lips, and...oh! there's another canker on your gums. Do you get those a lot?

Me: (feeling attractive) Um....yeah....

Dental Hygienist: said you're going to go to graduate school?

Me: Yep

DH: Wait, are you going or did you mean your husband?

Me: (confused look)

DH: Oh silly me! You're not married! You're not wearing a ring!

I wanted to sarcastically say "Yeah, the silliest assumption you made today was that I'm married," but I didn't because I didn't want her to angrily poke me in the gums with that metal scraper thingy.


  1. Yeah, I wore my BYU Law sweatshirt to ward prayer our first year in law school, and some girl asked me if my boyfriend went there... At least you didn't tell her you went to law school, otherwise she'd probably have asked if you were a lesbian or something!!

  2. I thought "part I" implied there would be a follow-up "part II." Where is it? You've had a good two weeks to settle in. Get back to blogging.