Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar

I've been subbing in South Salt Lake a lot this school year, which so far has been a refreshing experience compared to subbing in downtown Salt Lake. Unlike downtown Salt Lake City, students in South Jordan seem capable of watching movies and completing word-searches without carving gang symbols into their desks. Also, students in South Jordan don't hit on me as often, which is awesome because then I don't feel like a pedophile on days I sub there.**

However, I have to hand it to the ghetto Salt Lake kids, I never ran into this problem when I subbed in that district.

Me: (wearing University of Kentucky sweatshirt)

15 year old: So did you go there for college?

Me: No, but I'm from there.

15 year old: Oh, are you scared to go back?

Me: (confused) Um....why?

15 year old: Well, it's in Texas, right?

Me:, it's a state.

15 year old: Oh.....

I really wanted to ask her why Texas is "scary," but I was too busy attempting to act professional and not laugh at her.

**Note: Ten minutes after posting this two students asked me for my phone!?!


  1. Can you really expect so much of them? How old were they again?

  2. excuse me - i resent his implication that you should be scared to return to Texas. whether you in fact came from there or not!

  3. Dani...
    I resented that implication as well. (Especially since I might be moving there soon!)

    I'm dying to know why she thought it was so horrid. If I ever see her again, I plan on asking her. It's got to be some awesome reason like "because it's so cold there" or "because it's in a different country."

  4. so, did you give out your number?