Thursday, October 29, 2009

YouTube Video of the Week - Man Cold

Last week while I had a cold, I took an anatomy test, a physiology test, and an anatomy lab practical (the cold actually came in really handy as it prevented me from actually smelling the cadavers...SICK). I also substitute taught 3 days (before I realized I was sick...I'm very good at denying these things) and babysat some of my friend's kids (don't worry, they were the ones that gave me the cold, so I didn't infect them).

This week my friend Stephanie has a cold. She taught four days of school in English and Spanish, worked on lesson plans, held parent/teacher conferences, and attended classes at night to obtain her gifted learner teaching credential.

Her boyfriend Caleb also has a cold. He hasn't left the house in 5 days. Also, having any conversation with him that does not include the topic of "my head hurts" proves difficult.

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  1. well, that was hilarious! i'm so excited to show that to all of the women i know!!!