Wednesday, November 4, 2009

YouTube Video of the Week - Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec are quite possibly my two favorite television presenters ever. Over the next few weeks I'll be showing you why...

Reason #1:
I love Ant and Dec because they berate small children on national television, and the parents of the small children still love them!!! How talented is that??!!

Note: These clips are from the 1990s when Ant and Dec hosted a Saturday morning kids show (SMTV). The object of the game they are playing is to guess the name of the stuffed animal based on its appearance (for example, the donkey they show at the beginning is missing a leg, so its name is "Wonkey Donkey"). IMPORTANT: The name of the animal MUST RHYME.


  1. I Love ANT and DEC!!!! I just can't believe that they scream at the kids while they are trying to guess and ask them 'did you really think about that before you said it?' So funny.

  2. Wait, it gets even better. In the second clip he actually tells the little girl to 'shut up and get out.' Unbelievable. That's British tele for you.

  3. And THAT is what makes British tele SO AWESOME!!