Saturday, November 14, 2009

John and Edward Pt 2

I try to save YouTube videos for Thursdays, but John and Edward's performance on the X Factor Saturday night warrants a non-Thursday video post. I think you'll agree b/c:

1) The shiny suits are back! This time complete with mirrored sequins!

2) The vocal coaches at X Factor must be miracle workers b/c I only shuddered ONCE during the entire 3 minute performance (Actually, it might not be miracle work as much as the fact that the coaches finally decided to go with the flow/face reality: "If you can't say the rap part fast enough to stay on rhythm just use half words! Saying 'fel' instead of 'felony' sounds great! No one will notice!").

3) However, the dance coaches might need to start applying for other jobs as demonstrated by John (or was it Edward?) nearly falling on his face 3 seconds into the performance and the disturbing conga line that formed at 1:27. On the other hand, part of the reason I watch this show is for the bad dance moves, so maybe the choreographers need a raise...

4) I was halfway through the thought "Why are John and Edward performing all these MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice moves?" when I was accosted by four backup dancers wearing hammer pants, two-toned suits with no shirts underneath, and shoulder pads. Then, because there is a God, these four dancers were joined by ten other other dancers who were just as awesomely attired.

5) Someone from the audience jumps onstage and starts dancing with the boys around 2:27. If you look closely, you'll see that he performs some kind of "dance" that involves slapping your butt while wearing a pineapple on your head...awesome.

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